The Best Laundry Hamper

March 28th, 2019
Cleanway Reviews

Your laundry hamper is actually one of the most important items in your household even though it is something that you likely don’t spend time thinking about. If you don’t spend much time thinking about it, how can it be important? Well, think about all of the things that would happen if you did not have a laundry hamper in your home.

Your laundry would likely end up strewn about all over your home, or you might put it someplace where it would just get dirty again, like the floor. And what if you had kids or pets that could then easily access that laundry and make it dirty again in just a matter of seconds? Whether you realize it or not, your laundry hamper actually saves you a lot of time and trouble throughout the week.

But with so many laundry hampers on the market, how can a smart consumer who wants to be informed possibly find the time to sort through all of that material? That is why you need a team of product reviewers that you can rely on to help you out, and it is exactly these kinds of situations that caused our founders to create Cleanway in the first place.

Cleanway has been in business for over 35 years, and over that period of time, we have become a globally recognized leader in providing reliable product reviews that help consumers become informed and find the best cleaning products for their home, including laundry hampers, based on their needs and available spending budget.

But what has been the secret to our success over the last three and a half decades? Well, we make sure that all of our reviews meet a couple of very important standards. The writing itself has to be easy to read so that consumers can better understand our process, and the results have to be consistent, which means that all of our tests are run multiple times to ensure the accuracy of our results.

In terms of making the reviews easier to follow along with, for the purposes of reviewing laundry hampers, we managed to split out review criteria into three different categories: durability, design, and efficiency. But how, exactly, did we define those categories? Continue reading below and we will go into more detail about what these categories mean and the ways they impacted our overall review scores for each of the products that we tested.