The Best Furnace Filter 20-x-25-x-5

February 27th, 2019
Cleanway Reviews

Furnace filters are an essential part to install in a commercial or residential furnace to ensure that the appliance can continue to operate well and prevent dirt and grime from circulating in the building. The filter needs to be changed every few months to ensure that the furnace can continue to function correctly and to reduce energy usage in the building. WIthout replacing furnace filters, it can be easy for issues to develop and for the lifespan of the appliance to be affected.

We tested different types of furnace filters to determine which was the most effective and had the highest quality. Our top pick is the Lennox Healthy Climate 20x25x5 x6673 MERV 11 Box Filter because it’s constructed from aluminum honeycomb and is effective in trapping pollutants in the air. The product is one of the few on the market that fits Lennox furnaces correctly and is easy to install. Our honorable mention is the Nordic Pure 20x25x4/20x25x5 Honeywell Replacement Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters MERV 12 for its ability to remove pollen, mold, and dust that circulates in the air and can lead to allergies or respiratory issues. It’s even constructed with a recycled frame from beverage board paper, which makes them an eco-friendly option that is still durable and high-quality.