The Best Floor Protectors

May 16th, 2019
Cleanway Reviews

Hardwood floors are an investment, no matter if you have them in your home or place of business. Chairs, couches, tables, and other furniture can cause some damage to them quickly if you don’t have the right floor protectors. These are inexpensive items that go a long way in helping you prevent scratches so that you always have a shiny floor to enjoy.

Many floor protectors are designed specifically for large or small items. You need to take inventory of the sizes of legs you have with your furniture so that you make the right purchase. Otherwise, you could get frustrated if they don’t fit properly or come off when the furniture gets moved across the floor.

In our 35 years of experience evaluating home products like these, we can distinguish good floor protectors from bad ones. We use different criteria to evaluate and test each item to ensure we are leading you in the right direction. The results of our testing for floor protectors led us to name the X-PROTECTOR Premium Furniture Pads as our Top Pick, the SoftTouch 4291995N Furniture Caster Cups as our Honorable Mention selection, and the SoftTouch 4719095N Self-Stick Round Felt Pads as a selection you should Also Consider.