The Best Dishsoap

February 9th, 2019
Cleanway Reviews

Dish Soap is just what the name implies, soap that is specially formulated to wash your dishes, and get them clean, eliminating grease and grime. It’s to be used in your sink, not in a dishwasher.

There is a big variation in how people use dish soap. Some people use it before they put items in the dishwasher to get off food and grime, while others use dish soap for the entire cleaning process (instead of using a dishwasher). We tested many brands to find out which one really is the best to get your dishes, glasses and cutlery clean and sparkly. The results may surprise you because an all natural dish soap beat out the big brand names in this category. We recommend Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap Sulfate-Free Dishwashing Detergent as our top choice.
We gave honorable mention to Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, and recommend Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap, Free & Clear as our green pick, the environmentally friendly option.