The Best Carpet Stain Remover

February 28th, 2019
Cleanway Reviews

Let’s face it – no one wants to spend a ton of time on their hands and knees scrubbing a carpet, especially if they are trying to eliminate a particularly tough stain, spill, or mess. We know through decades of industry experience that things like chocolate, red wine, and other foods will stubbornly cling to the fibers in your carpet.

Similarly, If you have small children or pets in your home or apartment, then you know up close and personal how hard it is to keep a carpet clean all the time with those factors in play. That’s why it is an excellent idea to keep a bottle of carpet stain remover in your place of residence at all times. That way, if an accident of any kind does happen, you can chemically treat it immediately and greatly increase your chances of restoring the carpet to its original appearance.

In order to help you find the best carpet stain remover on the market, we did independent testing of our own. Using a final score that we developed by using three different categories for assessment, our final results were that Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. cleaner got our Top Pick, with Hoover’s PETPLUS coming in right behind it for the Honorable Mention slate.  Finally, the Puracy Natural ended up sealing the Green Pick for us.

So what kind of categories did we use, exactly, to score these products? Continue reading below for a more detailed explanation as to how we came to our final results.