The Best All Purpose Cleaner

February 14th, 2019
Cleanway Review

Finding a reliable all-purpose cleaner is important because most people have a variety of fixtures that have to be cleaned, and nobody wants to spend extra time and money buying cleaners for the bathroom, kitchen, and so on. Between the excess time and expenditure, it just make so much more sense to have one rock solid, highly dependable all-purpose cleaner which you can rely on whenever you need it. Whether you are cleaning up after a more serious incident or just doing some light cleaning around the house, we have you covered.

After doing some research, we have decided that, based on a number of categories, Method Purpose Cleaner French Lavender did the best job, and we’ll explain why in more detail below. Our Honorable Mention pick goes to Mrs. Meyers Multi Surface Concentrate, and for those who are specifically looking for a green pick that is environment and pet friendly, Better Life All Purpose Unscented would be our recommendation to you.